Sips is rapidly becoming the building method of choice because of its overwhelming benefits and proven suitability.

Using modern building technology in house building makes so much sense when you consider the benefits.

Here are just a few to consider;

Excellent Service

Our staff has many years of combined experience in both the building industry and the management and delivery of sips building projects.

Environmentally Friendly

The panels we use are made from expanded polystyrene, which is steam cured and can easily be recycled. It contains no ozone depleting substances and none are used in its manufacture.

Comfortable Living “Cool in Summer – Warm in Winter”

A home built with sipsbuild walls provides a comfortable living environment because it is made using highly insulated materials, which are dense and non-permeable. This locks out moisture and prevents drafts.

More Living Space

A home built with sipsbuild walls provides superior strength and insulation with a smaller wall width, therefore providing larger room areas.

Speed of Build (Faster, more economical construction)

A home built with sipsbuild structural insulated wall panels means that your home can be erected in a matter of days, compared with many months of standard messy construction.

Design Flexibility

A sipsbuild wall can be used for a variety of applications, including housing, light commercial, industrial buildings, and many others. It can also be integrated and used for extensions, adding new storey, conversions, and roofs.

Reduced Energy Bills

A home built with sipsbuild walls is an excellent energy efficient building that will save you money year after year. This is due to our super insulated panels and airtight construction all working to prevent heated air escaping or entering your home. “A potential saving of up to 60% on your annual heating/cooling bills.”

A Quieter Home

A home built with sipsbuild walls have excellent sound proofing properties for a peaceful home that will exclude traffic noise and the outside world. Our buildings provide significant resistance to airborne sound.

SIP Houses are Stronger

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are used all over the world because of their superior strength and durability. Homes built with this technology have survived hurricanes, earthquakes, and cyclones, when other homes around them have been damaged or destroyed.

Sipsbuild panels can be used in residential and commercial building and are fully compliant to Australian standards.

We specialize in supplying on time and on budget, with high quality structural kits to builders and developers specific to their needs or requirements.

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