Yes. When evaluating the insulation performance of a wall system, several factors should be considered. The most common is the “R-value.” R-value is the measurement of the ability of different materials to resist conductive heat transfer (movement of heat through solid material). The higher the R-value of an insulating material, the better it is able to resist heat loss or gain. Over time batts collapse and their R value decreases.
No. They can be built on all types of foundations.
All window and door openings are pre-cut during the fabrication process. Windows can be retro fitted rather than having windows lying around the site getting damaged or stolen.
Panels are manufactured with service conduits pre cut so no messy chasing and patching on site saving time and money.
SIP homes and commercial buildings require no special roofing materials. Whatever type of roof it would be structurally connected the same as other building methods.
Yes our panels can be used for room additions, second story additions, granny flats single and two story homes and many other applications.
sipsbuild panels are more affordable and perform better than double brick walls. They cost less and are quicker and cleaner to build with.
Yes very much so, as energy cost increase so the importance and value of a well-insulated home will have a higher value. In NSW each additional star rating is valued at between $10,000-15,000 on the home resale value.
Yes, fire rating is the same as standard fibre cement sheeting and the polystyrene has a flame retardant built in and will not support combustion on its own, it has to be supported by the continuous presence of flame. Panels are also fitted with secondary protection Termite bates and Termites don’t eat fibre cement board.

Sipsbuild panels can be used in residential and commercial building and are fully compliant to Australian standards.

We specialize in supplying on time and on budget, with high quality structural kits to builders and developers specific to their needs or requirements.

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