Sipsbuild can supply ex-factory or delivered to local or remote sites structural flat pack building kits for single or multiple units.

Precision manufacturing at our factory allows for fast and easy installation, reducing overall build and roof open, site times. We pride ourselves on being a reliable supplier on time and on budget.

We have a detailed ISO quality management system in place whereby all components are checked several times during the fabrication process.

All components are fully engineered and detailed ensuring connections are accurately manufactured allowing speed and ease of assembly.

All components and in-panel services are fully numbered and labelled and integrate with the detailed assembly drawings.

During manufacture electrical conduits and in-panel plumbing works are completed. This significantly reduces further site building works.

A full building manual with detailed assembly instructions is provided with each order.

An average residential house structural wall kit can be transported on 1 – 2 trailers


Sipsbuild panels can be used in residential and commercial building and are fully compliant to Australian standards.

We specialize in supplying on time and on budget, with high quality structural kits to builders and developers specific to their needs or requirements.

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