The sipsbuild building method combines the strength of steel with the insulation performance of a ridged polystyrene panel called a SIP or structural insulated panel.

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) 

So what is a SIP?

It is a high performance building panel for floors, walls and roofs in residential and commercial Buildings.

Panels are typically made using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) sandwiched between two structural skins.

Our panels have been developed using a hard fibre board which is more suitable for the Australian conditions.

sipsbuild panels are joined by a concealed structural steel framework which gives an extremely strong, energy efficient, light weight structure.

Panels have been tested by Curtain University which confirm they can withstand up to 2.5 times the cyclone loading requirements.

External and internal wall panels are nominally 2700mm high x 1200mm wide. Panels can be pre-cut to any size and have electrical conduits pre-cut and in-wall plumbing services can be fitted where required.

The panels can be produced in three nominal thicknesses of 90mm, 100mm, and 150mm depending on requirements. Indicative R values are R 2.3, R 3.3 and R 3.8 respectively.

The panel is made from two sheets of Hardies board (6mm) non-combustible to AS1530:1 class 1. The board is pressure bonded to a central core of SL Grade Expanded Polystyrene to AS 1366.3 which contains a flame retardant.

All panel joints are water tight and sealed by application of a continuous bead of Polyurethane Sealant. All joints are then taped and flushed the walls are then ready for painting or what ever finish is required.

All concealed steel work is manufactured from Truecore G300 zinc coated steel to AS 1365/AS1397.

Sipsbuild panels can be used in residential and commercial building and are fully compliant to Australian standards.

We specialize in supplying on time and on budget, with high quality structural kits to builders and developers specific to their needs or requirements.

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